Pregnancy Pointers: Simple Steps for Managing the 10 Major Skin Changes

The major hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy come with several changes to a woman’s skin. These changes may be different for every woman, but they all will experience some changes. Though these changes may be minor, many women lose confidence due to the effects of pregnancy on their bodies, especially their skin.

pregnancyThankfully, with a few easy steps, it is possible to manage most of these skin changes. The diet and exercise that most women take up when they learn they are pregnant can help. Knowing that most of these ailments are in fact, quite common can also help. By far the most common method of treatment for skin conditions caused by pregnancy is topical treatments. Though this may not help all of the time, they may provide at least some relief for pregnant women.

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Most people exercise to tone their bodies, but many are disappointed when unsightly scars appear on their skin. Pregnancy and weight gain usually cause stretch marks, but you may also develop stretch marks when you work out and build up your muscles.

Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see dozens of pink scars looking back at them. If you often find yourself sweating in the gym, go through this article to learn how bodybuilding can cause stretch marks and how you can prevent them from occurring. What’s more, there is a bonus tip waiting for you at the end of the article, so don’t miss that.

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You may have heard this old saying: “You are what you eat.” Most people know that whatever goes inside your body will reflect on your overall health, as well as your skin. Doctors are firm and stand by their claim that poor nutrition is bad for your skin, which you will find out later in the article exactly why.

It’s hard to say no to a slice of cake after a long day at work, and while this makes you feel better, there are foods that will wreck your skin and make you look older than your actual age. And since they affect your overall health, too, they will make you feel older, as well.

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Most people suffer from stretch marks at some point in their lives. These unpleasant marks are scars beneath the surface layer of the skin. Stretch marks appear most commonly on the thighs, stomach, hips, breasts or buttocks, but they can appear on other areas of the body as well. Even though they are typically purple or red in color, stretch marks can appear in a variety of shades. They also tend to fade to white or gray as time goes by.

Learn What Causes Scars to Avoid Them

PregnancyThe skin stretching and tearing, usually due to pregnancy or rapid weight gain causes stretch marks. The main causes are:

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