stretch_mark_creamEver since I gave birth to my first child, I have felt very uncomfortable wearing a bikini when I go swimming. It is not that I am in poor shape or that I am overweight. It is all the stretch marks that are all over my abdomen.

I have two more children, all from natural childbirth. You can see the battle scars in my abdominal area. Do not get me wrong, I do not regret my pregnancies one single bit. But those stretch marks really bother me. I used to love wearing my bikini to the beach. Now, I do not.

I know that there are creams that that I can get from the drugstore that can decrease and fade the stretch marks. The nearest drugstore to my house is Walgreens. So, I have made it a point to find the best stretch mark cream Walgreens sells. I decided to visit the store one afternoon and just peruse through the aisle,reading labels on the creams. I also went online to the Walgreen website to find reviews. Here is what I found.

I actually found a cream on Walgreen’s website that Walgreens branded themselves. It is called Walgreens Stretch Marks Cream. Original, right? Well, the price was very reasonable, cheaper than the name brands. It is tested by the dermatologist. It contains vitamins and botanical ingredients to make my skin smoother.

When I checked Walgreens online as well, it actually has one 5-star rating. Not bad, for a house brand product. The trouble is that it was out of stock when I looked, and the product description said that it is not sold in stores. I will still keep this one in mind, however.

Then, I found something called Mederma. I have heard of this brand before, and it is a well-known, national brand. Mederma has a good reputation of being effective in fading scars. Its Stretch Marks Therapy cream is specially formulated to do just that. It promises improvement in just four weeks, with the best results seen in 12 weeks.

This stuff is made in Germany. Online, I found 1e reviews on it, for an average of four stars. People say that the product absorbs fast and it made their skin softer. One person said that it did not do anything for her even after 16 weeks.

But the other reviews are from three to five stars. It is on the pricey side, but when at the time when I was looking, it was on sale for just a few dollars more than the Walgreens house brand. This may be the best stretch mark cream Walgreens carries, but I am still looking.

Then I found something called Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream For Stretch Marks. It contains collagen and almond oil, and it is supposed to improve the elasticity of my skin.

This brand is available at Walgreens in two sizes, a 4.4 ounce and a 8.5 ounce. The online reviews for the 4.4 oz only have it a little over two stars out of ten reviews. A few reviewers reported that this stuff made their skin itch or it made them break out.

So, something in there is causing an allergic reaction. Others say that the product did nothing for their stretch marks. A couple of people did give it a positive review. The weird thing is that the 8.5 oz product got four stars out of 21 reviews. I wonder if it is because of the price because the 8.5 is a lot cheaper, ounce per ounce. This is available both at my store and online. So if I want to try it, I can easily pick it up.

Then I found something called Otopia Organic Stretch Mark Cream. It has no online ratings. I see in the list of ingredients that the first item is aloe vera. That is a great ingredient for skin. It also contains olive oil and avocado.

The natural ingredients sound great, but I am curious about its effectiveness. Maybe I can find reviews elsewhere. Since I like the ingredients, I am going to consider this one on my list. Unfortunately, it is sold online only, so I’ll need to consider shipping with this.

Another stretch mark cream I found is called Studio 35 Stretch Marks Cream. This I found in the store, but not online. The second ingredient, after water, is red onion bulb extract. I know that Mederma is onion based, so perhaps this has a similar formulation.

There were no reviews online because this is not sold online. I have not decided yet if I want to take a chance trying this product. I suppose if I buy it at my local Walgreens, and I did not like it, I can get a refund.

There were other creams for fading scars that I have seen before, but the package does not say that it is specially formulated for stretch marks. This little exercise in trying to find the best stretch mark cream Walgreens sells has been a real eye opener.

I have many choices to consider. I will not go for something just because it is cheap, but I want quality. It is my skin that is on the line, and I want to treat it right.

When I told my sister about what the scientific way that I have been going about this, she laughed. She said that why do I not just buy something and try it instead of over-analyzing everything. I really cannot gauge a product’s effective if I do not try it myself. It does not matter what other people say because their skin is different.

So, I picked one to try. I decided to try the one from Mederma. It is on sale right now, and it has a well-known brand. What can I lose? After a few weeks, I am going to write about my results. Maybe I will even post a comment on Walgreen’s website.


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